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october features

body of knowledge

this six week body-positive course will forever change the way you think and feel about your body.
society tells us that we’re getting older , or we’re too heavy, too slim, too curvy, too straight, too tall, too short and we should hate our bodies because of it.
well, i can’t hate my body. i just can’t – i love my body. i’ve experienced a lot of great things in this body;  great food, great music, great activities, great moments that add up to a lifetime of wonderful!
bodies are just so damn much fun!!
of course we have those utterly soul destroying moments trying to buy a bathing suit or a pair of jeans. and of course we want to make changes and improve how we look and feel. but if you’re like me, you want to do that in a healthy, body positive way.
i may hate buying a bathing suit, but i still love to swim!
what do we actually want to change and why have those changes been so difficult to make? this journal experience is all about answering those two questions.
i invite you to join me in finding that balance, discovering our blocks, healing our thoughts, and celebrating our bodies along the way.

materials needed

$60 CAD
online class begins october 22, 2018

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clear your path

this six week self improvement course will teach you how to combine the energies of tarot cards to
clear your mind
find your momentum
focus your thoughts
stay connected to your goals

tarot is about so much more than ‘seeing into the future’ – it is a dynamic tool in supporting your dreams.
we will work together to personalize spreads and combinations that best support your goals and desires – whether that’s allowing peace and love in your life, creating abundance, finding clarity, or generating energy and motivation – the cards can help.
discover and strengthen your unique life path, and empower your dreams.
all experience levels welcome.

materials required
tarot deck (in-class deck available)
paper and pen

class begins october 30, 2018
courtenay, british columbia
details to follow
$90 CAD

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online class begins november 5, 2018
$60 CAD

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