activism begins within

revolution of the mind


revolution of the body


revolution of the soul



within - between - among

we go within 

we focus and breathe, clearing our mind 

we center and ground, stabilizing our body 

we stop and wait, listening to our soul’s calling 

these quiet moments of reflection and contemplation allow us to find clarity in the vision for each day. we can have compassion for ourselves, forgive our shortcomings, and show ourselves kindness and love.

we respect ourselves

we transform ourselves

we relate between

we open our mind and exchange ideas 

we take actions for positive exchange

we allow space for our souls to connect with another

these exchanges between two people allow us to see our sameness, our unity, while honouring our differences and separateness. we show compassion for another. we see their strength and forgive their shortcomings. we  allow them to be themselves and create sanctuary for them to experience all that they are - showing them how to return all this to us. 

we respect each other

we transform our relationships

we walk among

our mind is clear and open to all that is around us

our actions are grounded and confident as we take part in our community

our souls are safe and strong as we share in the collective wisdom of our community

this humble engagement with community allows us to see and be seen, hear and be heard. we are compassionate and steadfast as we walk our truth. we build unity and work through differences. we hold ourselves accountable to the group knowing that our actions send ripples out to the world.

we respect all members

we transform our community

this is lasting change built on a solid foundation

this is a revolution

this is activism