animal spirit guide paintings


these paintings are part of a series that will be published as a deck of cards with accompanying book in 2019. 

earth-based spiritualties around the world attribute energies to specific animals and see the spirit version of those beings as our guides and helpers. when we experience the amazing love, strength, and constancy of our guides it is a powerful expression of our connection to all things. 

bindrune paintings


your unique bindrune will be custom created after an initial consultation. a bindrune is an artistically crafted combination of rune letters into one symbol.

bindrunes are used as talismans to focus and enhance the energy of your intention  – such as creating harmony in your home, improving your health, or promoting your creativity. 

during our consultation we will work together to create a clear objective statement.  then i will select runes to support that objective and create a custom bindrune to suit your specific personal energies. 

you can choose from three options:

a painted bindrune with a background in colours chosen specifically to support the energies of your bindrune.

this painting measures 2”x3” and is perfect for your home or office. 

$90 CAD

the bindrune painted on a flat round stone to carry in your pocket or purse  

approximate diameter 1.5” 

$35 CAD

combination of both the painting and the stone, painted with the same bindrune. 

$110 CAD

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spell paintings


these powerful paintings are custom designed to help support the energies of your intention – whether you want to improve your spiritual practice, attract love into your life, or release negativity – or any intention for positive change in your life.  all paintings are created for the good of all, and harm to none.

after a consultation with you, i will create a painting using colours,  symbols , and bindrunes that support your intention.  the painting will be created at a time when the sun, moon, day, and planetary hours best support the energies. 

your painting will be framed and shipped your home for you to use as a focus for meditation and/or during ritual. paintings measures 10”x10” 

$250 CAD

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