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body of knowledge - journal class


this six week body-positive course will forever change the way you think and feel about your body.  society tells us that we’re getting older , or we’re too heavy, too slim, too curvy, too straight, too tall, too short and we should hate our bodies because of it.  well, i can’t hate my body. i just can’t – i love my body. i’ve experienced a lot of great things in this body; great food, great music, great activities, great moments that add up to a lifetime of wonderful!   bodies are just so damn much fun!!  of course we have those utterly soul destroying moments trying to buy a bathing suit or a pair of jeans. and of course we want to make changes and improve how we look and feel. but if you’re like me, you want to do that in a healthy, body positive way.   i may hate buying a bathing suit, but i still love to swim!   what do we actually want to change and why have those changes been so difficult to make? this journal experience is all about answering those two questions.  i invite you to join me in finding that balance, discovering our blocks, healing our thoughts, and celebrating our bodies along the way.    materials needed  journal   $60 CAD  online class begins february 26, 2019 with ongoing enrollment. 

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cedarwolf spirit drums



cedarwolf crafts his plains-style drums in the old way - from  skinning, fleshing, de-hairing and stretching the hides, to cutting and pulling the drums.   

all animals and other materials are locally sourced on vancouver island.

custom drums can be ordered in sizes ranging from 12" - 30" in elk, bison, or deer.  click here to inquire about custom orders

to see drums that are available in stock now please click here.

drums range in price from $125 - $550