revolution of the mind

grey is the new black and white


you and i are experiencing this time and place as individuals.

that is a fact.

we are all experiencing this time and place together.

this is also a fact.

reconciling these two facts is what this blog is all about.

clearing your path


this six week course will teach you how to combine the energies of tarot cards to

clear your mind

find your momentum 

focus your thoughts

stay connected to your goals

tarot is about so much more than ‘seeing into the future’ – it is a dynamic tool in supporting your dreams.

 we will work together to personalize spreads and combinations that best support your goals and desires – whether that’s allowing peace and love in your life, creating abundance, finding clarity, or generating energy and motivation – the cards can help.

discover and strengthen your unique life path, and empower your dreams. 

all experience levels welcome.

materials required

tarot deck

paper and pen

class begins january 15, 2019

courtenay, british columbia

details to follow

$90 CAD

online class begins january 14th, 2019

$60 CAD

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journey to center


this six week course explores meditation traditions and approaches so you can:

begin a  meditation practice

personalize your practice

create a deep connection through meditation

be confident in your practice

this is an opportunity to try on many different approaches and explore your own style and belief around your meditation experience.

we will journey from ancient shamanic and pagan meditation practices to medieval christian and modern new age meditation practices.  

meditation has been practiced in so many ways - both traditionally and personally - find the meditation practice that works best for you.

materials required

string of beads or bead braclet (week five)

device to listed to guided meditations

ablilty to print materials

class begins january 8, 2019

details to follow

$90 CAD

online class begins january 7, 2019

$60 CAD

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